This year’s festival season has been booming especially for electronic music. Project L looks like your typical edm festival but the difference is the proceeds go to a good cause, “The Children’s Wish Foundation”.

The festival started in the morning with all local acts and went through the whole day with a minimal audience. It wasn’t till nighttime when the party went full swing. The stage setup and the sound were pretty awesome to look at, especially with the light show.

The lineup, as most maritime festivals are, is mostly local. It shows the support of the electronic community in the east coast, and has some interesting acts that not just played that big room electro sound, as well deep house was also exposed to a younger very francophone audience.

In a nutshell, Project L is a work in progress with a fair amount of people. The festival did not run all night which is one of the perks of summer festivals in the east coast. Now this was due to the lack of volunteers, according to the organizers. But I really hope that this keeps going and gets better in time, because it delivered a good message. That electronic music can do good things for the community. Plus it was a lot of fun!

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