DJay at Bal en Blanc 19 in Montreal, Quebec. “From all the people i know and friends who have answered in response to our question of who played the best set at Bal en Blanc 19…..The answer is without a doubt W&W. Even with some superstar headliners there was something about W&W’s set that just crumbled the dance floor, perhaps it was that perfect time slot of 8am to 10am that had the dedication from the true bal en blanc believers or maybe it was how they kept the trance in it’s natural form of deep bass and love. It’s funny how back in 2010, Armin van Buuren said, “W&W are truly the rising stars of trance. If I have to put my money on somebody, I put it on W&W.” and here we are three years later and both music stars are sharing the lights, sharing the stage and sharing the crowd’s love of trance. This was my 3rd Bal en Blanc, and will not be the last…”

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